Departmental Signup Form

Departmental Piano Recitals are scheduled on Thursdays beginning at 4:00 PM. Attendance is required of all pianists enrolled in MUAM or MUAC for 2 credit hours or more. Piano students should not schedule classes, lessons, work etc. during this time. It is the responsibility of each student to swipe their ID card when entering the Recital Hall. Students are expected to arrive on time, swipe their ID cards, and remain for the entire 50-minute recital, with all cell phones turned off and PUT AWAY. Students who leave before the end of the recital or who are caught reading, texting, or using any electronic device during the recital will not receive credit for attendance. Any more than two unexcused absences will result in the lowering of the final semester grade in piano. Please see the Piano Handbook online for the scale of grade lowering.                                

The length of a departmental at which attendance is required is up to 50 minutes. Should the recital go past 4:50, anyone who remains for the entire runover can swipe their ID card again upon exiting the Recital Hall and receive extra credit.

Requests for individual excuses (illness, family emergency, auditions, recitals, competitions etc.) must be made to Dr. Pamela Paul and must be made contemporaneously. Excuses will not be granted if the request comes more than 3 days after the missed departmental. Documentation may be requested.

Students who have a regular conflict at this hour may be excused if a written excuse is provided to the department chair or the piano coordinator. Semester-long excuses must be presented before the second Tuesday of the semester (excluding orientation week). Excusable semester absences include: a regularly scheduled class which is crucial to the student's degree plan or scheduled class piano teaching. Graduate students who are in their 3rd or 4th year may be excused for off-campus work . All undergraduates and graduate students in their first and second years may not be excused for off-campus work.

Performance majors are encouraged to perform at least once per semester. Students intending to perform (with the approval of their instructor) must complete the official submission form providing all necessary information required for preparation of the official College of Music program. The deadline for submission is Thursday at 5:00 the week before the departmental. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will be turned back. Performance order on departmentals will be in the order in which the requests were received. Dates with limited schedule constraints will be approved based on special schedule requests or a first come, first serve basis.

For specially labeled dates, only sign up if eligible. Scheduling is pending approval but dates will be removed from this list as they are filled with approved submissions.
If there are no movements/subtitles, enter "NA"
If no accompaniment, please put "none"
(if needed)